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i promise today

will be the last day of forever

(m)insipid ∞
21 November
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min. singapore. years too young to take on this world.

(animanga) bakuman. eyeshield 21. one piece. utapri. seven days. ouran high school host club. sword art online. akb49 renai kinshi jourei. ghibli. junjou egoist. natsume yuujinchou. noblesse. my heart is beating. black cat. cat street. (full list)

(nico nico fandom) 少年T. nero. clear. gero. koma'n. pokota. cleanero. negero.

(music) utattemita. dong bang shin ki. jyj. beast. sistar. hyorin. cry cry.

(reading) andrea gibson. sarah kay. cyril wong. singapore politics. eoin colfer. mitch albom. hunger games.

(stuff) green tea. sleeping. eating. being lazy. minimal effort. reading. writing. pudding. photoshop. collecting dust. holidays. dango daikazoku. nice people. fandom. auntie. spazzing with people.

(note) that i no longer write fanfiction for dong bang shin ki or make any graphics. please do not ask me otherwise.